It's 10 PROFIT-PACKED SESSIONS  of the hottest, most highly requested training material I've developed in over a decade...

"Give Me As Few As 3 Days And I'll Get You To The Closing Table



...This Is The ONLY SYSTEM Already PROVEN (In Writing) To Close Deals In As Few As THREE DAYS!




From: Eric Medemar    


      Have you ever watched one of the dozens of “Get rich flip” shows like...

     ...Flip or Flop

     ...Property Brothers

     ...Or Flip This House

     And thought...

     I'd like to do that “Someday”.

     “Someday” I'd like to make that kind of money.

"Someday I'd Like To Quit My Job And Do THAT For A Living..."

     Well, over the next 5 minutes ... I'm going to show you how.

     My name is Eric Medemar and one day back in the summer of 2003, I found myself dead-broke, unemployed and teetering on the edge of divorce.   All that, despite that I was newly married, college educated and always tried my best to do the right thing.

     Until one day (by happy accident) I learned about wholesaling and life has never been the same

     ...since then my wife and I have been living out our dream, working for ourselves knee deep in the real estate trenches. Along with that, God's blessed us with the good fortune of training, mentoring and partnering with an amazing group of over 4000 investors training graduates...

     ...and what that means to you is... through all that experience, we've developed a real knack for spotting what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting you to the closing table faster, easier and more frequently than you've previously thought possible and...

     ...over the next 5 minutes I'm taking you “Behind the scenes”...

      …where I'll share the “Missing Ingredient” (the part they DON'T SHOW YOU on TV”) behind those $20,000, 50,000 or even million dollar real estate deals.

     The best part is... Once you know the “Missing ingredient”, your “Someday's” become your TODAY'S.

      Whether you're an aspiring wholesaler, lease option pro, short sale strategist or any other flavor of real estate investor...

        … I know for a fact, that adding this "Missing Ingredient" to your current investing strategy could add $100,000 to your annual income by this same time next year.



      If you're NOT, you certainly should be...

      ....considering there's thousands of salespages (and fancy videos) that promise you the world and then don't deliver -- I should know because I've answered hundreds of them.

       Like you, I spent a good portion of my adult life searching for a proven system that would help close deals and get me money.   I wasted YEARS (and countless thousands of dollars) desperately searching for a system... ANY system... that could live up to it's promise and deliver me to deal closing promise land.

      That's why I could sit here share stories like Susan's till I'm blue in the face... yet you'll still remain skeptical till I've worked a MONEY MIRACLE for you.

And chances are, you would like to believe me.  You really would.   Unfortunately, this isn't the old days, back when you could just take someone at their word...

Nope, this is the internet.  And for all you know, this could be...

One Huge HOAX!

For all you know, I'm just moonlighting as a Wholesaling Maven...

...but I'm actually just a tall blond Nigerian Crook riding around in a drop top Vette.  Stranger things have happened. ;-)

Heck, go back and read the first paragraph of Susan's email, and you'll notice Susan was skeptical too!  

Susan didn't just rollover and assume, I was everything I promised.  Nowadays that kind of logic is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, Susan my read my FREE material...

...then she watched my FREE videos...

...and ONLY after Susan saw how even my FREE material offered better advice than what most other people charge for... only then did Susan decide to take the plunge and see for herself why.... 


Students Who Follow My Advice...

Close Deals Quickly

If that sounds overly cocky or appears too confident, that's ONLY because I AM that confident...

Heck, I bet you'd be confident too, if you had already bought, sold and wholesaled almost 200 properties using the EXACT same principles I plan to share with you.

Unlike those other so-called experts... I've earned the right to be called an expert because I show each one of my students how to close deals easier, faster and with less hassle than anyone you've ever met before today. 

But I don't expect you to take my word for it...














Are These Savvy Investors Any Smarter Than You?

Of course they're not!  In fact, he ONLY smarts required is...

...smarts enough to to set their doubts aside and put this one of a kind system to go to work for them.

  If you can set your doubts aside for a moment, then you can see for yourself just what it's like to master wholesaling faster than you've ever dreamed possible... and see how simple (and fun) life gets when today's yearly income becomes tomorrows monthly income!

Maybe you don't want to become a millionaire real estate mogul... maybe you just want a better life for you and your family... that's alright too... but I need to tell you this...

It's not much harder to make a "Decent" living with this, as it is to earn a FORTUNE... and I don't mean that in a negative way... I mean it only in the most positive sense.

I say that because, wholesaling is just like anything else worth doing... the more deals you do, the easier it gets...and the easier it gets, the more deals you can do. 

So why not do it to it's fullest?   I sure do.


Just Put Me In Your Corner...

...and instead of passing on those bargain R.E.O properties (like most wholesalers do), I'll show you 3 easy ways you can sneak around the non-assignable clauses.   Simply follow my simple, step by step instructions and those conniving bankers won't know what hit them.

There's nothing illegal involved either. You'll be ethically pulling the wool over there eyes and laughing all the way to the bank. And if that sounds simple, it really is.

And the funny thing is, my techniques, like this one... are probably copied more than any other real estate trainer in the world.  

My ideas have been ripped off, repackaged and regurgitated by so many so called “Guru's” I've lost track.

Take this one former student-- who I kindly took under my wing -- now as the ultimate act of betrayal he too has decided he's some sort of guru and hypes himself to be a post modern wholesaling legend when it's MY MATERIAL he's claiming as his own.


Like Kids Playing Telephone...

Like kids playing telephone.

Remember the game where you start with a message that gets passed from one person to another until finally the last person gets the message?

Of course the humor is--by the time the message reaches the end--the original message is no longer recognizable.

Trouble is, wholesaling isn't child's play...

....it's a high profit game where you can make a killing or get killed.   That's honestly half the reason why...


I'm Peeling Back The Curtain... 

...giving you an insiders view of the EXACT, specific, specialized strategies that I've used to acquire my fortune.

It's been a real treat--over the past 5 years-- to have played a role in transforming the lives of hundreds previously FLAT broke investors... from all walks of life...

Quite literally taking them from the poorhouse to profitable as quickly and easily as they would allow... All using some very specific tactics that I plan to share with you in this letter.

Admittedly, during that same period a substantial amount of my income has come from helping the rich get richer.

The thing is, wealthy folks don't do get those big "$hit eating grins" when they come home holding they're first of many $15,000 pay checks. 

Sure the money's great helping the rich get richer but where's the magic in that?


It Works Like Magic...

Look,  It's no fluke that I've earned the nickname the "Wizard of wealth".

See,  I've earned that nick name only because I can teach wholesaling and many other investing skills more quickly and more simply than anyone else alive.  But there was a set of skills I never planned to share publicly for one important reason.

At least 11 of my competitors (that I know of at least) are typically the first ones to rush to my sites and place their orders -- the first ones to gobble up my ultra valuable wholesaling secrets.

See I've tried banning their I.P. addresses, I've tried banning their names, their emails, but in every case they've slid through my defenses and gotten their greedy little mitts on the exact secrets I've been using to keep miles ahead of the pack.


What's With All The Hype?

There's been a ton of hype surrounding the release of this information publicly..

Not that I'm complaining... It's just my system is SO SIMPLE and so easy to implement , it'll be a walk in the park for you and anyone else wanting to join me in effortlessly rising to the top of your own real estate market.

That's why it's so important to avoid letting my competitors in on these secrets.

These secrets--in the wrong hands--could decimate my chances my chances of remaining at the top. 

Previously, I've gone so far as working hand in hand with my merchant processor banning vendor approval on any card purchases within a 100 mile radius of my home market.

Even so, If my competitors remain as desperate as they've been in the past... there's no telling to what lengths they'll go.  That's why there's just a small window of opportunity that I can make these secrets available to you now.

See, up until last week, my Underground Wealth seminar students were the only ones privy to these advanced wholesaling tactics and as a matter of fact...



I'm Still Torn About...

Releasing These Secrets!

I'm still torn about letting this material go public.

You can thank my students for the opportunity you're being given today.

They've been prodding me for years to release this stuff to the masses because they've seen firsthand -- the dramatic-- life changing results my material has brought for them and they've insisted I give you an opportunity too!

Even then, this rare opportunity wouldn't be available today if a new advancement in Merchant processing technology hadn't been made available--the new advancement that allow me to lock out credit card orders from within  a 200 mile perimeter my home market.

See, up until recently I'd been stealing buyer after buyer directly from under my competitors noses.

They'd ask me “How do you know Ms. Perkins, I've been selling to her for years. I'd just shrug my shoulders and say “just lucky I guess”.

Little did they know that my systematized approach to wholesaling let's me bypass the hard work and slide through the backdoor allowing me limitless access to each of there so called “Secret buyers”...


Why I Require A

A Non-Compete?

     Because, this course in like Nitroglycerin for your financial life. The temptation for most people to move in and dominate most any market in America will be very high. Which is why I simply MUST stake claim and protect my own market.

    As anyone of my Underground Wealth Training Attendees will tell you...

It was only after they've signed my bullet proof non compete and non disclosure that I let them in on these secrets and once they've simply scanned through my system (even for just 7-9 minutes there lives were forever changed)

It's because of secrets like these that my $10,000/yr Investing Masterminds mentoring group is already booked up through 2021. You too, will see why once my students experience the dramatic, life altering results that I bring them... They refuse to quit my program... EVER!

The first and only time I made these secrets available publicly was at my sold out $3,795.00 Underground Investing Secrets seminar....

YES Eric, I'm Ready To Close Deals... 




You Could've Heard

A Pin Drop In The Room


You could have heard a pin drop in the room as I started revealing these tactics. But that seminar was only possible because I personally scoured the guest list, tossing out anyone that was within 200 miles of my home market....

It was only AFTER collecting their $3,795 entry fee... then signing a non-disclosure and non-compete were they permitted entry.

   I knew this stuff would change lives, but I had no idea how far reaching the implications would be.

I watched as the mood in the class went from excited anticipation to downright fearful that this information would ever leave the classroom. They couldn't even comprehend how much power was being put into their hands.

One student flat out left the seminar 1 day early just to rush home and put this stuff to work...

He was so giddy with enthusiasm and hungry for money he simply couldn't stand it. He insisted “I've just got to put this stuff to work right now”...


You May Have Missed It... But Now You Do NOT Have To Miss Out!



And, Boy Did It Ever Work!

He'd bailed on us by Friday evening...

Saturday just as the seminar was wrapping up... I received a text message from my runaway student informing me that in the past 24 hours he'd already quadrupled the size of his buyers list...

It's so friggin easy I tell you... Once you put this to work for you.

Quite honestly, it's not about the riches my system brings, it's not about quadrupling the size of your buyers list...

It's about creating a life... for you... for your family... Unfortunately most people forget this... But the REAL purpose of having more money is to LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS and...



 NOT Just Pay Your Bills...

        If all I do is make you financially independent... I will have failed you. 

   My ultimate goal is to see you possess all the money you need to do whatever you want in life, whenever you want to do it, and most important of all, having the attitude to enjoying thoroughly, without fear, worry or guilt.

With that in mind, I will teach you additional strategies that empower you to conquer fear, banish worry, and lead your life everyday feeling ten foot tall and bullet proof.

Of course I realize that all this might be a bit hard to swallow right now.and that's perfectly understandable.  Everyone I speak with feels that way at first.

But these strategies are guaranteed to work because they have worked money miracles automatically and unfailingly for thousands of investors in the toughest of circumstances.

Of course, I know the only way you'll truly believe what I'm saying is to see a financial miracle unfold within your own life.  This is why I want to encourage you to try my system at my expense and without risking a dime of your own.

I've found a way to make it so simple, inexpensive and risk free for you to try my system on for yourself... that way there's literally nothing to stand in your way.  And that's why I only ask that you...

Will This System Work For You?

      Please understand....this is a new breed of investing product... that allows you to start EARNING money immediately if you so choose...

     ...and if you're serious about this--Then I am dead set and 100% confident, that I can help turn YOU into my next real estate success story... and help force you all the way to your first 6 figure year. No Joke.

     You know, the truth is, I almost didn't do this.  Didn't Give away every last one of my secrets and tricks I know. Literally everything.

    But in the end I couldn't handle the both the pressure and the floods of desperate emails asking me for help... and eventually I had to give in.

   And for YOU, this means only one thing...

     No longer will you have to put up with being one of the thousands of frustrated and helpless rookies fighting to keep your head above water...

      ...because if you're sick of buying endless junk filled products and watching the gurus living their dream lifestyle with your hard earned money, then the game is about to change...

     And that's why it's so critical that you understand... there is ONLY ONE REASON I named this my Do This Get Money System and its this...


Oh, You'll Get Money!


The main reason I'm so proud of this new system is how incredibly easy it is for me to come into your life and teach you everything I know about amassing wealth without risk.

Almost immediately I'll sit down with you and teach you a few simple steps to take right now to make giant strides toward achieving financial freedom.

Even more important, I'll be able to walk you through the latest current events and show you exactly how to apply these Wholesaling strategies to exploit today's most exciting investing opportunities.

That means within minutes of ordering you'll learn both my strategies and the best ways to apply them right now.  That's the most powerful "one-two" combination of wealth building information ever compiled into one complete system.


They Jumped At The Chance To Learn These Secrets...

Now you too, can experience the dramatic, life changing results without spending $3795.  That's because for then next few day's I'm letting you legally steal all of my secrets... spelled out in EXACT, specific, step by step detail inside my "Do This Get Money System".

     If you'll only allow yourself the privilege to join me inside and experience the mind-blowing, idea flooding wholesaling wizardry...  you'll be privy to my most closely guarded hardcore tips, money making investing ideas and fortune building investing insights.

      Many of which I have NEVER revealed before---anywhere!

      We're talking about potent strategies that can literally infuse you with enough confidence and hardcore know-how that you could be putting your first deal by next week... If you so choose!


    This Is NOT About Theory.

This is NOT About Untested Ideas.  

This is Time-Tested, Profit Certain, Results Proven, Money-Getting, Take It To The Bank Advice...

     By putting my Do This Get Money system to work for you... you can join me-- along with so many others--in enjoying the financial freedom my system can and will deliver...

Here's what you can expect in just a few short lessons....

  • If you've ever thought about throwing in the towel, thinking it's nearly impossible to know WHO or WHAT you can believe anymore?  Then you can rest easy knowing I've personally handled over 150 transactions totaling nearly $15,000,000**... If that doesn't qualify me to help you out then nothing will.

    **In terms of hard data you'll be learning from a an instructor whose handled more real estate than 99.9% of the population..... I'm just sayin ;-)

  • If you're an entry level investor... maybe haven't gotten your feet wet yet... Don't sweat it--after just a few short hours of training you'll be ready to set the world on fire. When I finally connect the knowledge dots that have been crippling your confidence levels (and your chances of success) since day 1.

  • The ONE correct way to talk to Realtors for getting maximum response.  Forget everything you've already heard on this subject... there's a secret way that's infinitely more powerful than any other. And, if you don't use it... you'll be wasting your time with most LAZY agents.

  • Are you a chronic procrastinator? I'll show you how “Feeling less than confident?” is the driving force behind your “Success prevention” machine. No worries though, once I'm through you'll be brimming with the confidence of Pam Anderson on singles night.

  • The single most important thing you must do BEFORE looking at any property. Do this simple step and it will be smooth sailing all the way through to closing.   Ignore it and you'll murder your chances of bringing home the bacon.

  • Think investing forums are the holy grail for investing advice? Think again... From my experience over 95% of advice you'll receive is offered from well meaning folks, like yourself, who haven't invested a day in there life. That's like learning anger management from OJ... Maybe not such a good idea!


There's So Much More...

In fact -- if you're anything like the thousands of other students I've worked with -- after you've spent just an hour or two getting the lo down on my secrets, you too can...

  • Quickly and easily turn those "No Equity Deals" (You know the ones that the 99% of UNINFORMED investors snub their noses at) into $10,000, $20,000, or even $30,000 paydays... If you settle for only doing only one of these deals this year it'll be like getting a $15/hr pay raise... That is, if you still feel the urge to stick around working for the man(Many of my student's elect NOT too)

  • Turn your financial woes into financial WOW's... it's so easy once you know the secrets!

  • The really stupid, completely avoidable reason why every escape clause BUT THIS ONE could leave you pleading your case in front of a judge.

  • Why “beginners” are able to use these investing secrets to quickly surpass their own expectations...even if they don’t have a penny in the bank or  a clue about investing!  In fact, from my experience,  the less you money you have, the faster you’ll see results (There's just something about scraping along the bottom that motivates you to the top)

  • How our students transformed their financial worries into their greatest allies... Your fears about money will no longer dominate your life and hold you back... Once your doing THIS.

  • No matter how busy you are or how little money you have or even your level of education.  Wholesaling (If you'll let it) will pave the way to creating true financial abundance.

  • Banish snooty bankers from your rolodex... FINALLY you can breath a sigh of relief knowing you'll never have to deal with those stingy S.O.B's again....What hypocrites! Giving those Wall Street fat cat's the keys to the vault... while turning away folks like you and I because "We're just too much of a risk".

  • Finally slam the door shut on "Analysis Paralysis" FOREVER.   Even if you end up settling for a LOW six figure salary this year... You'll still have gotten 10,000 times your money's worth simply from having learned my insider cures that the Swindling Guru's NEVER wanted you to know... Many of those money hungry meatheads have milked investors for millions... selling product after product teaching folks like you and I more "Stuff to do"... That's why you'll be thrilled to know, I'm the only trainer who also teaches you to "DO THE STUFF".

  • A little known secret to help you deal with real estates ever changing landscape!   Discover why the latest is NOT always the greatest and what you must do to guarantee continued success. Listening to every media rumor could lead you to investing suicide.   I'll give you a “B.S. Filter” so you always follow what's proven and never fails.



        To some... what I'm about to show you might look like an overwhelming amount of wholesaling lessons, but when you consider the difficulty in cramming a decades worth (and over 160 deals) worth of wholesaling tips, tactics and lessons into just under 19 hours worth of training I really didn't do too bad (if I should say so myself).

       Also, keep in mind you shouldn't even attempt to digest all this knowledge at once.   In fact, I suggest you pick and choose the lesson's depending on what the current constraint is within you business.


Session #1 Paralysis Prescriptions

2 Audio Mp3's, 2 Manuals, 2 Profit Prints, 1 Special Report


Now depending on how stuck (analysis paralysis) you've been up until today, you'll either want start with this module or end with it.  The choice is yours, because plenty of my students have told me that THIS is the module that changed it all for them.  Or as one of my most successful students said:

 "I thought your mindset stuff was a bunch of mumbo jumbo, until I saw how quickly my life changed once I tried it"

  • "Inner-Game" Audio Mp3 #17 (44 minutes):  How To Set Goals In A Certain New Way That Makes Getting Your First Million Not Only Automatic but Tremendously Fun As Well.!

  • "Inner-Game" Audio Mp3 #18 (43 minutes):  How To Create... Then Step Into... The Life Of Your Dreams,  In Far Less Time-- and with far less effort--Then You've Ever Thought Possible.

  • "Inner-Game" Audio Enhancement Manual #1:  How To Set Goals In A Certain Way That Makes Getting Your First Million Not Only Easy but really fun too!

  • "Inner-Game" Audio Enhancement Manual #2:  How To Create... Then Step Into... The Life Of Your Dreams,  In Far Less Time Then You've Ever Thought Possible.

  • Special "Inner-Game" Report #1:  How You Can Eliminate Fear, Failure and Foolishness Forever By Making This One Small Mental Shift That Will Only Take 45 Seconds.

  • "Inner-Game" Profit Print #1: Outcome Acceleration Map

  • "Inner-Game" Profit Print #2: Action Acceleration Map



Session #2:  Wholesaling Explained  

1 Audio and 1 Profit Prints, 1 Manual


The purpose of lesson #1, "Wholesaling Explained" is simple... To lay the foundation for a wholesaling business that will not only start making you money now but, will continue to do so for years to come.


The fact is, if you want to start wholesaling you first need to understand what wholesaling is all about, because it's only then that the next 9 lessons will make sense because they build one on top of the other.

  • "Wholesaling Explained" Audio #1 (44 Minutes) This Mp3 details exactly everything you need to know to master wholesaling in the shortest time possible. Nothing has been left out... You get the same one on one training that my Mentoring students routinely pay $10,000 yr for... with the added advantage that you have it all on Mp3, so you can rewind and go over any part you like until it becomes second nature.

  • "Wholesaling Explained" Profit Print #1:  How To Make An Absolute Fortune Wholesaling Houses... No Matter How Broke You Are... Or How Many Deals You HAVEN'T DONE!


Session #3:   Buyer Brilliance  

5 Audio Mp3's, 2 Profit Prints, 1 Manual


If you want to start wholesaling the easy way you, need to find your buyers first.  Here's why you MUST follow this first rule of wholesaling:


3 Simple Reasons To Build Your Buyers List FIRST...

  1. Earn 20-30% more on every deal... It's been my experience you can count on making between 20-30% more on every deal when you find your buyers first because by having multiple buyers you can command a higher contract price.  It's basic economics, with all things being held equal... as demand increases your contract price does too.  When you consider that right now an average deal make's me $16,000, I'd lose about $3,000-$4,000 per deal if didn't have such a solid buyers list.

  2. Preserves your reputation... I was flabbergasted by how quickly word spread when a buddy of mine (and fellow wholesaler) started expiring his contracts when he couldn't find buyers.  When I spoke with him about it he told me how 4 excellent deals "That were just too good to pass up" fell into his lap but he just couldn't find qualified buyers quick enough. 

  3. Decreases your risk... Not that there's any risk in wholesaling when you know what you're doing, but occasionally a hot deal will come up where you'll have a chance to make $30,000, $40,000 or even as much as $50,000.  And speaking from experience those types of deals can make you do silly things like put down NON-REFUNDABLE deposits when you don't have buyers lined up.   This doesn't happen when you're prepared.



The bottom line is this...


Don't fool yourself... you don't need a 10, 20 or 30 person buyers list to make this work.  I made my first $100,000 with only 6 buyers and then went on to make a hell of alot more with those same 6 buyers and that's why I can't wait for you to listen to this lesson... because, I'm you're going to learn how to build a 16 person buyers list just 2 days from now.  Guaranteed.  Fair enough?

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Audio Mp3 #6 (42 Minutes)   Why "Your Network Is Your Net Worth" and How To Cultivate Your Network For At Least 5 Quick Cash Deals This Year...  And, Why I Owe The Better Part Of $15,000,000 in Property Sales, To My Buyer Tactics.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Audio Mp3 #7 (48 Minutes) Step By Step Instructions About Doing Up To 20 Deals A Year Just From REI Meetings.. .Including Who To Talk To, What To Say, and How To Spot The Buyers That Will Make Getting Rich So Easy For You... And.... How To Use Direct Mail The Right Way (Most People Get This So Wrong)... And... How You Can Use Those Stingy Bankers To Make You Rich.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Audio Mp3 #8 (43 Minutes) How To Use These 2 Weird Places (most investors never think of looking) to Find As Many As 3 Cash Buyers Every Week... not that you'd ever need that many to make your first million... and this Mp3 “kicks-off” with a general introduction of my "Reverse Cash" Tactics. Consider this the foundation upon which you will build your wholesaling empire. Not to be missed.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Audio Mp3 #9 (46 Minutes) How To Use The HUD Website To Set Your Buyers List Building On Auto-Pilot... And, How You Can Reverse Engineer The MLS To Feed You Buyers INSTEAD of Houses.  Ask anyone whose trained with me and they'll also insist the ideas on just this this one Mp3, all on it's own,  are worth 10X the small cost of admission.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Audio Mp3 #10 (34 Minutes)  How If You Can Wad Up An Old Piece Of Paper and Stuff It In An Envelope... It Could Make You An Additional $45k Still This Year.  Sensational New Tactic, You Can Only Get Here... and... HOW TO BUILD A 16 PERSON BUYERS LIST BY TOMORROW MORNING... Using Just This One New Technique You'll Learn Here.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Manual #1  NLP Phone Script:  Exact, Mega-Specific, Word For Word Script (Based On NLP Persuasion Methodologies) To Get Any Buyer To See You As The Major Player You Will Be... Before You Actually Are.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Profit Print #1:  How To Reverse Engineer The MLS To Feed You Buyers Instead Of Properties.

  • "Buyer Brilliance" Profit Print #2:  How To Use The HUD Website To Automatically Build Your Buyers List From Here On Out Forever.


Session #4:   Realtor Revelations

1 Audio Mp3 and 1 Manual


After spending the past 7 years as a Michigan Licensed Realtor... I almost felt guilty while putting this lesson together. Not because I'm embarrassed to be a Realtor -- I only felt guilty because it's a fact that once you decide to use any or all these tactics, on the unsuspecting agent (of your choice) they won't know what hit them.


Don't get me wrong there's nothing illegal or criminal going on here... nope it's all 100% legit... though it really is criminal that you've never seen or heard these secrets shared anywhere else, because you should have.  This is the stuff you need to know about agents especially if you don't want to get ripped off.

  • "Realtor Revelations" Audio Mp3 #16 (1 hours 12 minutes): How To Find The Agents You Can Trust... And,  3 Insider Tactics To Keep You From Getting LEGALLY Ripped Off... and, How Once You Do This Stuff I Teach, Your Agent Will Make You Rich... and, you might even grow to like them (big might)

  • "Realtor Revelations" Audio Enhancement Manual:  How To Find The Agents You Can Trust... And,  3 Insider Tactics To Keep You From Getting LEGALLY Ripped Off... and, How Once You Do This Stuff I Teach, Your Agent Will Make You Rich... and, you might even grow to like them (big might)



Session #5:  Sensational Seller Strategies

2 Audio Mp3's


I'm sure even before buying this course, you understood that finding motivated sellers isn't so difficult.  However, I'll bet you don't know, just how much easier it's going to be once you know the stuff I know.  Because in this lesson I'm passing along every trick and tactic (even the dirtiest ones) I've used to buy and sell over 150 properties.  The only reason I can finally share ALL of my secrets is simple...


When you get my system today, the only way you can get it, is you MUST AGREE you won't buy or sell any property (other than your personal residence) within 100 miles of my stomping grounds... good old Grand Rapids, MI.  


I do this because, for some strange reason, I just can't stomach the thought of someone slipping into my market... stealing my buyers... getting to my sellers... stealing my place at the top... and doing it all so easily, because I've shared each and everyone of my EXACT strategies.  I'm sure you'd insist on doing the same if you were in my shoes, right?

  • "Sensational Seller" Audio Mp3 #11 (44 Minutes)How and Why Realtors Hold the Key's To The Investing Cash Castle... And... How To Get Even The Stingiest F.S.B.O's To Practically Serve Up Their Equity On A Silver Platter... plus, 3 Other New Tactics That Are Sure To Keep You Drowning In Seller Leads Till You Just Can't Stand It Anymore.

  • "Sensational Seller" Audio Mp3 #12  (55 Minutes) I'll Reveal 11 New Quick and Easy (and free) Ways To Get More Seller Leads Than Your Buyer's Can Handle...  Trust me on this with all these new leads coming in you're buyers will love you and your bank account will too!


Session #6:  Marketing Money Machine  

1 Video, 1 Audio Mp3, 1 Manual


While it took me over 6 years and nearly $40,000 to finally get my marketing degree, what you have here is worth 10x that... because what I've done is, distilled out everything that doesn't work (which is most of what I spent the $40,000 on) and left you with nothing but the stuff that will help you grow your wholesaling business the simply way.

  • "Marketing Money Machine" Video #1:  How To Avoid The Seven Most Costly and Frustrating Marketing Sins That Humiliate and Destroy Most Rookie Investors  Before They Even Get Started.

  • "Marketing Money Machine" Audio Mp3 #13:   How To Catapult Your Wholesaling Business To 6 or Even 7 Figure Through Intelligent Marketing.

  • "Marketing Money Machine" Audio Enhancement Manual #1:   How To Catapult Your Wholesaling Business To 6 or Even 7 Figure Through Intelligent Marketing... Marketing Smarter=Working Less.



Session #7:  Automated Online Income  

2 Videos, 2 Manuals, 12 Special Reports


If you bought this system with the intention of working hard today so you can be wealthy tomorrow then you'll be thoroughly disappointed with this lesson... because... While it's true all of my strategies will ensure a wealthy tomorrow, what ISN'T true is you'll be working hard for it!


Seriously, by following these simple instructions within this lesson you'll not only have the ability to reel in more buyers and sellers (remember they're the ones that will make you a fortune) but you'll do it all without lifting a finger, because instead of you desperately chasing down leads, your computer will do everything.


I'm not sure what you like to do for fun, myself, I typically hang out with my kid, spend time hunting or fishing outdoors, or on very rare occasion I work... but the the truth is, I can only do all of that because I DON'T ever need to track down leads -- because just like that crazy Infomercial Rotisserie (Ronco), with this lesson, you can just "SET IT AND FORGET IT".  It's really is THAT simple. 

  • "Online Profits" Video #1:  Online Hyper-Growth Acceleration Strategies For Sky Rocketing Your Profits, While Allowing for Even More Time For Laziness...

  • "Online Profits" Video #2:  How To Quickly and Easily Find... Then Crush Other Wholesalers In Your Market With Automated Online Lead Generation

  • "Online-Profits" Manual #1 Proven Effective Headline Templates:  How To Write Headlines That Force Those Desperate Sellers and House Hungry Buyers To Contact You From Just 1 Visit To Your Website.  Harpooning Their Attention and Reeling Them Unmercifully Into Giving You Money.

  • "Online-Profits" Manual #2 How To Syndicate Your Property Leads To Over 30,000 Investors For FREE!  Why Waste Another Penny On Traditional Advertising, When You Don't Have To... Yes, You Can Finally Forget About All The Over Priced Guru Software... This Method Is Not Only FREE!  It's Works 10 Times Better Too!  You'll Really Love This Report If You've Ever Wanted To Automate Your Wholesaling Business.

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #1:  How To Write Great Online Ads That Generate Twice As Many Leads For Half As Much Money...

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #2:  How To Set Up Your Own Blog In Less Than The Time It Takes To Cook Some Microwave Popcorn... and, Stealth Techniques For Getting To The MONEY Page On Google (Where the Leads Are Plentiful and Always Free)

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #3:  How To Track Your Online Competitors... Then Steal There Traffic... Then Put Them Out Of Business Finally Making Your The Dominant Player In Your Market.

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #4:  How To Choose Domain Names That Quadruple The Effectiveness of Any Add... And, Allow You To Easily Stomp The Search Engines.  (my sites currently rank #1 and #5 on search terms with 54,000,000 global competitors... I know my stuff)

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #5:  Pre-Tested Email Subject Line Templates Proven To Increase Your Open Rate By Up To 500%... Making You 5 Times More Money With Every Email You Send.

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #6:  How To Choose the Perfect Keywords (things people search for in Google) So Your Website Will Be The ONLY Prospecting You'll Ever Do... Enough With Those Old School Tactics Like Door Knocking and Direct Mail.

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #7:  How To Build Google Friendly Landing Pages.  Follow My Advice And You'll Triple Your Buyer and Seller Leads... While At The Same Time, Cutting Your Ad Expenses By Up To 75%.  No Kidding.

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #8:  Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising.  If You Follow My Advice and Master This One Area Of Marketing... Then Getting 100+ Leads A Month Won't Be An Exception Anymore... It'll Be The Rule.

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #9:  Pay Per Click Made Simple Checklist, So You Don't Make The $477 Mistake That One Well-Meaning Investor Made (and he caught this mistake early).

  • Special "Online Profit" Report #10:  How To Use Split Testing To Fine Tune Your Online Wholesaling Lead Machine.



Session #8:  The Devil Is In These Details

1 Audio Mp3,  2 Manuals, Covert Clauses and My $16,000,000 Contracts


Now that you've got a solid understanding of how you'll make money wholesaling from lesson #1... The purpose of this lesson #2, "The Devil Is In These Details" is to fill in those those details, that if you didn't learn them from me, you'd be forced to learn them the hard way (expensive way) like I did (which I assure you is no fun at all)

  • "Devils In The Details" Audio Mp3 #2 (27 Minutes) How to Avoid Making the Same Critically Stupid (and expensive) Errors That I Made Before I Finally "GOT IT"

  • "Devils In The Details" Manual #1:  How To Price So Much Like A Pro That You'll Put You're Appraisers Job At Risk... and... How To Avoid Making a Total Fool Of Yourself By "Guessing" The Wrong Price On Properties.

  • "Devils In The Details" Manual #2:  How To Inspect Properties and Always Know Which Ones Are "Keepers" and Which Ones You Should Toss Back BEFORE You Lose Your Shirt.

  • "Devils In The Details" Covert Clauses:  Use These Clauses To Keep Your Butt Out Of Court... and... Keep Your Deposit Money... Even If Your Forced To Default The Contract Just 3 Minutes Prior To Closing (though I don't know why you'd want to... but just in case)

  • "Devils In The Details" $15,000,000 Contracts:  Now You'll Have The Exact Same Contracts That I've Used to Buy and Sell Over $15,000,000 Worth Of Property... So Basically, I can assure you these work.... Including Purchase Agreements, Lease Option Forms, Deed Transfers, Assignment Contracts Even A Bird Dog Contract.

  • "Devils In The Details" Special Report #1:  How To Finally Get Up Off Your Information And Do Something With It.



Session #9:  Cash In A Flash Exit Strategies  

3 Audio Mp3's and 6 Profit Prints


At this point many of you will be itching to run out and start putting deals together because I've already taught you how to build your wholesaling business in the fastest time possible.  Plus, now you know how to avoid those costly errors that can end your rapid rise to 6 figures just as fast as it started.


So now in Lesson number 3, "Cash in A Flash Exit Strategies" it's time to teach you every exit strategy in my arsenal, fully preparing you for any money making scenario that might arise including:  how to assign non-assignable contracts (sounds weird doesn't it),  how you can even assign HUD homes (One of my favorites... that only I teach).

  • "Exit Strategies" Audio Mp3 #3 (42 Minutes) How To Assign Contracts That Banks (and the most difficult sellers) Insist Cannot Be Assigned... Even When It's Written Into Their Contracts.

  • "Exit Strategies" Audio Mp3 #4 (22 Minutes) Step By Step, Easy To Understand (and even easier to profit with) Instructions On How To Assign Almost Any Contract... And, How I've Made An Absolute Killing Assigning HUD Homes (that they insist aren't assignable)... This technique, like so Much of my material cannot be learned from ANY other trainer.  No matter how smart they claim to be.

  • "Exit Strategies" Audio Mp3 #5 (39 Minutes) How One Student Makes $15,000/Month Selling Buyers Like Investors Sell Houses... He learned this technique from me (now I want to teach you too!)

  • "Easy Exit Strategies" Profit Print #1:  Using LLC's To Bypass Non-Assignable Contracts.

  • "Easy Exit Strategies" Profit Print #2:  When To Use Lease Options To Sky Rocket Profits.

  • "Easy Exit Strategies" Profit Print #3:  Profit Stacking For Quick Cash.

  • "Easy Exit Strategies" Profit Print #4:  Assignment Accelerator

  • "Easy Exit Strategies" Profit Print #5:  Double Closings Explained

  • "Easy Exit Strategies" Profit Print #6:  Doubling Back Deeds For Dollars


Session #10:  Stealth Negotiation 

2 Audio Mp3's, 3 Manuals, 2 Special Reports


While each previous lesson proves how easy (and fun!)  building your 6 figure wholesaling business will be, this lesson isn't about that.  This lesson is about giving you the exact words, phrases, and mind f#ck tactics that add another 20-40% profit on each of your new deals.


Really when you think about it, there's only 2 time-frames that you'll make nearly all you're money during.  The first one is when you buy (or put a property under contract).  The second is when you sell (or sell your position in a contract).  That's why even if you only got this lesson, forget about the other 8 lessons,  just getting this lesson (and that's it) will be worth 10x the small investment you've made today.

  •  Stealth Negotiation Audio Mp3 #14 (42 Minutes):  How To Squeeze Every Last Drop of Equity Out Of Even The Most Stingy and Reluctant Sellers.

  • Stealth Negotiation Audio Mp3 #15 (41 Minutes):  How To Generate a Buying Frenzy On Any Piece Of Real Estate or Any Contract... Even In The Worst U.S Housing Markets

  • Stealth Negotiation Manual #1:  How To Squeeze Every Last Drop of Equity Out Of The Even The Most Stingy Sellers... Even When They Say "I Would Never Sell For That Price"

  • Stealth Negotiation Manual #2:  How To Generate a Buying Frenzy On Any Piece Of Real Estate or Any Contract... Even In The Worst U.S. Housing Markets!

  • Stealth Negotiation Manual #3:  Learn the "Sleight of Mouth" Word Weapons I Routinely Use To Make "Impossible Deals" Happen... Even With The Most "Impossible People".

  • Special "Stealth Negotiation" Report #1:  Dirty, Semi-Ruthless "Head-Case" Tactics That I've Used To Transform $7,000 Deals Into $15,000 Deals... With No Additional Work Required.

  • Special "Stealth Negotiation"  Report #2:  My Word For Word Script.   What You MUST Say To Sellers BEFORE You Set Foot In Their Property, If Your Hoping To Save a TON of Cash!

and much, much more...


What Makes This Training So Different?


I'm assuming you mean, beyond the fact that IT WORKS and my students are making a bundle with it.

But going beyond that, this is NOT information you'll find in the 100's of real estate courses, seminars and  books out there in the "mainstream"... And you definitely will NOT find this level of information in the curriculum of the top universities in the country!

You can only learn this from someone who's done it before- like me.

Over the past 10 years I've closed every type of deal you can imagine.  I KNOW what works because I've done it.  As for the stuff that doesn't work, I've already paid the steep price of admission for that.

NOBODY teaches like I do because NOBODY, (except a handful of millionaire investors) have known enough experience to teach all of these secrets.

Fortunately, now for the first time ever- I'm willing to teach a few lucky people looking to accomplish the American Dream.

Look- I may not have be the wealthiest investor in the World… the have the highest IQ… But if there's one thing I DO KNOW better than ANYONE ELSE…

....and that's how to deliver anyone - with a bit of smarts,  a decent work ethic and a burning desire to get more out of life - straight through to the deal closing promised land.


YES Eric, I Want To Put You On My Team!

What's The Price For This Amazing System?

     Let me ask you...

How much would you be willing to invest for a system that's already been proven to deliver student's from NO MAN'S LAND to the PROMISE LAND in as little as 3 days?

Based on my students numbers alone, the fee for a system such as this would be the bargain of a lifetime at $5,000.

As a matter of fact, the origins of this system come from my Underground Wealth Training Seminar which carried a the rather steep entry fee of $3795 (which didn't even include airfare and hotel).

Why Would A Group of 200+ (normally sane) Investors Jump At The Chance To Learn From Me...Despite The $3795 Price Tag?

At the risk of sounding blatantly cliché... they wanted to know my SECRETS.  

Fortunately YOU won't pay anywhere near that, because TODAY you're small investment will be just $997.00

Does that seem like awful lot off money to you?  


"$997.00 Seems Like An Awful Lot of Money For a Digital System”

An awful lot of money compared to what?

  1. Compared to a college education where you'll make 80% less money, work 200% harder and completely miss out on experiencing any sort of financial freedom... never touching your destiny...

  2. Compared to piddling away 4 years of your life, and shelling out a minimum $50,000 for a meager life of barely keeping your head above water. A life of hoping and praying that your employer doesn't outsource your job to some $2.00 hour worker from India?

When for the nominal investment of $997 dollars I'm serving up an education already proven to produce 6 figure incomes time after time in cities all over America.

So again I ask, is it really worth it?  When for a few measly bucks you can legally steal every last trick, tactic and secret that took me nearly a decade, over 160 homes and nearly $16,000,000 in transactions to discover?

If you've got that kind of time... be my guest.   However, if you're juiced up and ready NOW...  Anxiously anticipating how just just minutes from now you and I will be teaming up to turn your frustrations into fortunes...

If that's you... then you and I need to become fast friends.  And, like I mentioned earlier... I'm perfectly willing to shoulder all of the risk for making that happen... TODAY!



60 Day Absolutely Risk Free

100% Guarantee of Your Success

Finally, an expert with the BALLS to put his money where his mouth is. 

If you're feeling a little gun shy about pulling the trigger and putting my system to work for you.   I totally "Get it".  I really do. 

The fact is, I could share check stubs and success stories till I'm blue in the face.  But when push comes to shove NONE OF IT MATTERS until I've performed money miracle in YOUR life, just as I did for them.

So please, let me take all the risk.  Test this information at my expense. 
Grab a copy of my system now, while you can still take advantage of the discounted price.  Start applying a few of my proven techniques.  Give it a "Test run".

I guess what I'm saying is, there isn't a a yes or no decision to make 

A MAYBE will do just fine.

Then if by some fluke in the matrix, it doesn't do everything I say and more...

  • If you don't close more deals...

  • If you don't earn more than enough to quit your day job...

  • Or if the results are anything less than life altering...

...and your not absolutely happy with it.  I insist you ask for you money back.

So you really have nothing to lose (except financial worries) and everything to gain (freedom) by testing my system for yourself.


You've Got Nothing To Lose...

Here's how easy this works:  Order my Do This Get Money system today and absorb the material at your leisure for the next 60 days.   Let my system go to work, while you enjoy all of it's benefits without risking a dime.   You must be completely thrilled with the results you experience.   If for any reason (or no reason at all) you aren't thrilled with the dramatic, life changing results that my system provides... then I insist you let me know immediately so I can quickly return every penny...

No questions,  No Hassles.  No harm done.  And I'll insist that you keep the product at my expense.   What could be more fair?

How can I remain in business while offering such a risk free guarantee?  Over the past 8 years, my over the top customer feedback has proven time and time again our customers simply wouldn't dream of parting with our products... ESPECIALLY FOR A MEASLY $1997  [NOT FOR YOU]

Admittedly guarantees such as this only work when your product does what it promises... That's why you seldom see them.

See, my long history in this business has proven... if you're the type of person whose taken the time to read this far... you're also the type whose willing to do whatever it takes to transform your life... a person like that wouldn't dream of settling for crumbs when there's a FEAST ON THE TABLE.  Quite honestly, people like that rarely see the value in returning such dramatic, life changing material such as this.


The Choice Is Yours...

Just moments from now.... you'll either be creating your future from this rolling cauldron of brilliant ideas, proven tactics, and sure-fire strategies that guarantee a closing in the next 60 days... or...  you'll leave here empty handed,  nothing ventured -- nothing gained. 


Heading safely into another tomorrow that looks remarkably like today.  The balls in your court. Because if you really want to make a fortune wholesaling then you need this kind of hard-nosed info.  It is not a luxury.  If you want to make some quick, serious cash, this kind of insider intelligence is crucial!



Can The *Average* Joe Really Do This?

Well first off... you are NOT merely average as evident that you're (right now) reading this letter.  See, average people don't bother themselves studying up on systems like this that might transform their life...

I say that because... and perhaps you'll agree.  Average people ARE average, because they're only willing to do what average people do.  And wholesaling of course, isn't something average people do and that's why it remains so profitable.

But to answer your question...

Because I don't know you personally, I really can't say for sure, whether or not you can do this.  But I can tell you what's required, then allow you to come to your own conclusions about whether or not you really have what it takes.

  • It doesn't require “education”.  I've met former high school dropouts who wholesale as a means to create a better life for their family.  I can remember one student telling me how surprised his former principle was after seeing him driving around town in a new Cadillac... This was the same principle who had written him off as "Just Another Dropout" 5 years before. 

  • It doesn't require “capital”. When I started out, I was so deep in debt that even my closest family members (the one's who always had  always been supportive of my ambitions)  were insisting how I should "Just get a job like everyone else Eric, it's really not that bad".  Well it is that bad.  And everyday I thank GOD, I didn't listen.

  • It doesn't require “luck”.  I've had more than my share, but I'm not promising you that you'll make as much money as I have. And you may do better; I personally know one man who used these principles, worked hard, and made HALF MILLION Dollars his first year. But money isn't everything.

  • It doesn't require “talent”. Just enough brains to know what to look for and I'll tell you that.

  • It doesn't require “experience'”.   That's the real beauty of this system... I PROVIDE THE EXPERIENCE, you're main priority is providing the DESIRE necessary to follow along and take action borrowing from y $16,000,000 worth of experience.

  • What does it require? Belief. Enough to take a chance. Enough to absorb what I'll send you. Enough to put the principles into action. If you do jut that – nothing more, nothing less – the results will be hard to believe. Remember – I promise it will.

A exorbitantly wealthy friend of mine told me something I'll never forget: “Most people are too busy earning a living to ever make any money”

My wish is that you don't take as long as I did to find out he was right.



HEY Eric! WOW!!!!!!  

     Just a note to let you know what I think of the Do this Get Money Course.     FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

     I have only gone thru the first two modules but it blew me away.   I bought a different course from a "guru" for $3500 and it didn't cover any of the things you did in the get buyers module.

     Just the reverse REI alone is worth the cost of your whole course.  I would never have thought of it on my own.

      You have more tips, strategies and tactic's packed into your information than any other course I have bought or investigated and you can quote me on that!      

Daniel DeMille
May you always prosper and be in good  health

PS: I want to get the rest of the course sent to me.I can make the Payment balance tomorrow (MON).  I can't wait for 10 weeks   .I need to do this NOW!!!!!

Please contact me so I can arrange payment balance ASAP!!!!  
Thank You!







Everyone's Skeptical BEFORE They Try My System...

I know you might feel skeptical.

After all, what I'm saying is probably contrary to what you've heard from your friends, your family, your teachers, and maybe everyone else you know. I can only ask you one question.

How many of them are millionaires?

It's no secret, at $997 I don't come cheap, but if you think you're going to learn the caliber of secrets I'm waiting to share with you in some cheap $100 ebook... you're more than welcome to try. 

Unfortunately, like anything else, you'll get what you pay for.

So it's really up to you: A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older – or you can be on well your way to financial independence.

I can lead you to water, but I can't force you to drink.

The choice is yours.


CEO Unemployed Investor Inc.



P.S.  While the amount of wholesaling know-how I've packaged up and made available for you here may APPEAR overwhelming.  This won't feel like cramming the night before exams.  

This is FUN... because it's all geared at helping you get paid in a hurry... by finally cracking the code on making some amazing money from wholesaling real estate. 

In fact, many students report spending a weekend reviewing my materials... then by Monday feeling comfortable enough to start calling buyers... then just days later start making offers.

I've taught HUGE numbers of people -- from every state in the America.... with every problem you can imagine, in every market there is -- how to quickly and easily start closing deals and now it's your turn.

P.P.S.   I guarantee there are dozens (if not hundreds) of things I reveal that YOU ARE NOT DOING and need to be. 

Besides if you get my system and feel that the info is nothing new and you can't use it, I will happily refund your money AND send you a personal letter of apology (ain't going to happen because I know for a fact you aren't doing even half this stuff) but none-the-less...the offer stands. 100% Money-Back if you're not COMPLETELY Satisfied!



It's Easy To Order Too!


 Yes, Eric by making a small investment in my future today, I give you my word that:

I am fully prepared to handle both the small workload increase and the substantial income increase coming as a DIRECT RESULT of becoming one of your students, whom over the past 2 years have been presented with over $31,000,000 of wholesaling opportunities.

I WILL NOT attempt to wholesale or invest within a 150, 200 mile perimeter of Grand Rapids MI without obtaining written consent from you or your partners.

I understand that my Do This Get Money Advanced Wholesaling System is fully backed by an iron clad, no questions, no hassles, 100% risk free 60 DAY MONEY BACK guarantee.  The longest guarantee in the business.

Critical Product Access Update

I understand that I will be given INSTANT ACCESS to Week #1 within 2 minutes of ordering--even if it's 2 a.m.  Then I can either choose to get all the lessons at once (for accelerated profits) or elect to receive 1 lesson per week for the next 10 weeks.

100's of Students Paid $3697 To Attend This Same Training...

 Order NOW to Take Advantage of The Fast Track To Freedom Pricing


Your Price $997

 Your Order Is 100% Guaranteed For a Full 60 Days From Today... If You're Unhappy For Any Reason OR No Reason At All Just Shoot An Email To ericmedemar@gmail.com For A Fast (No Hassle) Refund!




YES!  I am REWARDING you for taking action quickly.  That’s because it's been my experience that smart, hard working people make good decisions… and make them decisively and that's why they're normally the ones who will always go onto do big things.

Please understand, I've got nothing against people who can't make decisions... Heck, I'm normally one of them too.  However for those who can, they deserve to get these secrets and put them to the test… because history has already proven, these are the actually use them.

If that’s you, then you get a great deal. Fair enough? 





o prove my commitment to seeing you through to your first closing, I've decided to GIVE (as in NO CHARGE)  the next 20, 18, 11 investors who order my Closing Acceleration System. 



While I've sold a TON of these Acceleration Systems from anywhere between $297 and $497... that's not even close to the real life value... not by a long shot.


The real-life-value of this system is NOT a petty $297 or even $497... the real life value is equal to the amount of money former students have made as a direct result of following the advice I've shared inside this system.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.


While I've only shared a fraction results my systems have created for students... Of those I've shared, you've seen a...

  • $7,000 payday... just 23 days after ordering.

  • $17,000 payday... just 3 days after ordering.

  • $10,000 pay day... from one former student who had all but given up on her dreams...

So you tell me what's the value of this...

How much can you honestly see yourself walking out of the title office with, less than 60 days from now?

Got it.  Well, that's what this bonus will be worth to you then.  Fair enough?


Video #1 The Deal Closing Mentality

Ever felt completely helpless to move forward, but then under close examination, it hit's you how there's really nothing stopping you... but you... yet you still can't move forward?  I made this video so that will never happen again...


I say that because several  former student's have told me this video was indeed THE GAME CHANGER for them and since watching a 40 minute video is all it took, then that's pretty awesome.





Video #2 Proven Buyer Getting Tips, Tactics and Scripts...

When the real estate market came tumbling down, it became glaringly obvious that I needed to amp up my buyer's game if I wanted to remain in business.  This video show's you everything I did.








Video #3  Behind the Scene, This Is What I Do With Buyers...

Once you've got a boat load of buyers (and you'll get a TON), it's critical that you follow the steps I've laid out in this video, not only because you'll get way more money from each of them but you'll also suffer way less hassle.  I think that's why many students prefer to watch this video more than once.







Video #4  What Makes Sellers Tick?  

It's been my experience that more of my offers accepted (many of which the sellers swore up and down were garbage offers) because I took the time to learn what makes them (sellers) tick.  And as you know, when it comes to wholesaling...


...the less money we offer (so long as it's accepted), the more money we make when we sell our contracts!





Video #5 Hotspots for Locating Sellers

Finding a reliable way to work with an endless supply of motivated sellers will make wholesaling just that much easier.  That's why it would have been damn near criminal if I didn't share my most reliable lead generation "Go To" hotspots.









Video #6 Profit Stacking Your Way To a Six Figure Income

Chances are you've never heard of profit stacking and that's because I'm the only one who teaches it... but mark my words... once you've been exposed to this bizarrely simple, yet seldom (if ever) discussed investing method, it's nearly impossible to ever go back to struggling again.


...Can you even imagine an investing strategy that so basic it doesn't even require you to be dressed... or ever set foot on a single piece of property... EVER.  Yet, students who follow my advice shared in this video are repeatedly earning $5,000, 10,000 or even as much as $15,000 in a single month


And even though I shot this video live from my wife's minivan (long story)... If this video were a contestant on American Idol, you'd see Randy Jackson jumping to his feet screaming "Yo dog, that right there is a Hot One".  




Video #7  How They Get Desperate And You Get Money...

In this video I'll be discussing my exact strategies for harnessing the 7 Major Money Motivators for earning higher profits on every contract I sell.  The reason these tactics work is because once you learn how to plug into, then push the right HOT BUTTONS doing deals is not only more profitable... but really interesting to watch too (you'll know what I mean once you start applying this stuff).





Video #8 Spotting the 10 Most Overlooked Inspection Traps

I made this video mainly because I wished someone would have warned me about this stuff before I started wholesaling. Sure it could have saved me a lot of money, but more importantly it could have saved me from ton of embarrassment with my buyers... especially the old pro's... a couple of whom, still haven't let me forget my earlier inspection transgressions.






Special Bonus Video What To Say To Realtor And Sellers...

Again, knowing what to say is vastly important to your future success... yet for some strange reason... most other experts are skipping this subject all together.  And, that's pretty much why I put this video together.







Fast Start Formula Rapid Rise Buyer Multiplier Action Plan

This never-before-seen guide shows you how to use my buyer multiplier method for BLOWING UP you buyers list in shorter time than you ever thought possible.  Keep in mind, you really won't need all these buyers to earn a living at this, but it never hurts to over do it.  I say that because I had my first $100,000+ year with a buyers list that I could count on 1 hand and a thumb (yes, that's only 6 buyers).

Workbook #1 Rapid Rise Wholesaling Workbook

Use this workbook to catapult your wholesaling business into the stratosphere in less time and with less effort than many rookies will use not doing any deals at all.... Seriously, I'm not kidding... you'd laugh at how hard some of these guys are working and still not doing deals.

Direct Mail Piece #1 Expired Listing-Getter

You'll get both a pdf version and an editable version of the same mailing piece that I've been using to convert expired realtor listings into money.  Especially after the market crash, expired listings have proven to be one of my most reliable sources for harvesting motivated sellers.  My guess is because typically these sellers won't argure about lower offers because THEY JUST WANT AN OFFER... which is money in the bank for investors like you and I.

Direct Mail Piece #2 Foreclosure "Final Notice"

Contrary to poplar belief, not all homeowners who fall behind on their payments are in a negative equity position.  In fact, I've worked with a few who barely owe anything on their property.  Yet for one reason or another they let things get out of hand and that's why this letter has been a proven winner in my own business.


YES Eric, I Want The Bonuses







It's Called Do This Get Money...

Because When Students Do This... They Get Money!

I Want Your System To Get Checks Like This...


One last thing... since I first announced the opening of my Do This Get Money System my inbox has been running almost non-stop with folks wanting to know the answer to 1, 2 or all 3 of these questions.  As much as I try to keep on top of my email personally, I'd be writing till X-mas if I tried to answer them all individually. So here goes.


Openly Honest Q and A

If I already have your Ultimate Wholesaling System do I need your Do This Get Money System?

While I am extremely proud of my Ultimate Wholesaling System (and I believe it's just as powerful today as when it was first released), since that time I have had the good fortune of buying and selling an additional $12,000,000 worth of real estate (that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 more deals closed)

In the process, I have learned an extraordinary amount of invaluable short-cuts and secrets that not only accelerate your profits but, if you've yet to close your first deal... this new material, has proven to drastically cut the time to your first closing (and payday).

Most importantly, I'm not the same person that I was then. I've added years of investing experience – the market changes, the joys, the tough times, the mistakes, and the triumphs – to further refine my mastery of wholesaling and discover what the real secrets of creating an extraordinary future are, for both myself and more importantly for those lives I've enhanced.

That's why today I'm so proud to deliver to you in my Advanced Wholesaling 2.0 Hyper- Results System the very best of what I have learned and the timeless proven wholesaling secrets that can help virtually anyone achieve not only wholesaling success but the true financial freedom that naturally comes with the process.

What Can You Tell Me About Your 2 Wholesaling Courses?

My Ultimate Wholesaling System which I made a few years back after earning a $100,000+ income as a real estate wholesaler. I put everything I knew at the time into that course. Everything.

My Do This Get Money System is the follow up my best selling Ultimate Wholesaling System and includes roughly $12,000,000 worth of additional deal closing experience on my end... here's what the difference is on YOUR END:

  • My Ultimate Wholesaling System is about 2-3 hours worth of audio, then someworkbooks and videos.  Available now for $97.
  • While My Do This Get Money System is 19 hours worth of audio, videos, mindmaps and workbooks.  Available now for $997.00

Like anything else, I can only teach what I know at the time... Because “You don't know, what you don't know”... and every single system that I put together I put everything I have into it.


Is There A Whole Bunch Of Upsells Once I Buy?

The Is NOTHING Else You Need To Buy To Make This System Work...

It's 100% Complete AS IS.

No hidden continuity either.

As a matter of fact there's NO CONTINUITY at all (hidden or in plain sight)

My $10,000 private coaching is booked up through 2019. So once you got my Do This Get Money System you can rest assured I've got nothing else to offer in terms of wholesaling... NOTHING.

And that's why I'm so proud to advise... when you do grab a copy of my Do This Get Money system, do yourself a HUGE favor and don't bother buying any other wholesaling course ever and REALLY I mean that.

There isn't another wholesaling course anywhere, at any price that even comes close. At the risk of sounding HYPEY I'll say this.

I've NEVER once... NOT EVEN ONCE... had someone return my Do This Get Money system because the Material wasn't out of the ball park good. And in this age of “Guru Guritation” (recycling the same $hit over and over calling it something else) feedback like that speaks volumes about the quality of this material.


YES Eric, I'm Ready To Get Started.